Google AI can reduce contrails by 54%

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Google has developed an artificial intelligence system that can reduce the amount of contrails produced by planes by 54%. Contrails are the long, white lines that appear behind planes, and they can trap heat in the atmosphere and warm the Earth.

Google’s AI system works by analyzing satellite imagery, weather data, and flight path data to identify areas where contrails are likely to form. It then generates new flight routes that avoid these areas.

Google tested its AI system on 70 flights with American Airlines over a six-month period. The results showed that the AI system was able to reduce contrails by 54% without any significant increase in fuel consumption.

Google is now working with other airlines to deploy its AI system on a wider scale. The company believes that it has the potential to be a cost-effective, scalable solution to reduce the climate impact of flying. However, there are still some challenges that need to be overcome. For example, airlines need to be incentivized to use the AI system. Currently, they are not charged for their climate impact, so there is no financial incentive for them to adopt new technologies that could reduce their emissions.

The sources for this piece include an article in Yahoo.

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