Automation threatening jobs, says American Staffing Association

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An American Staffing Association survey conducted online among over 2,000 U.S. adults in June has found that close to half of Americans believe that automation could easily replace their jobs.

According to the survey, the rise of generative artificial intelligence has expanded the scope of tasks vulnerable to automation. It goes on to say that one-third of Americans are already interfacing with AI in their professional lives. This integration is reshaping the employment landscape and influencing how individuals perceive their job security.

Richard Wahlquist, Chief Executive Officer of the staffing association, remarks on this transformation in attitudes toward AI, highlighting a transition from viewing AI as an ally to apprehensions of complete replacement.

The survey also reveals a divergence in perceptions regarding technology’s impact on unemployment. While nearly half of those surveyed believe that automation will lead to increased joblessness, opinions diverge along gender lines, with women exhibiting a greater propensity to hold this belief.

Furthermore, industrial workers appear to be the most concerned about their roles being automated, with healthcare employees showing comparatively lower apprehension. The survey also underscores that Black and Hispanic workers perceive greater risk to their jobs, indicating underlying disparities in job security perceptions.

The sources for this piece include an article in Bloomberg.


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