Metaverse avatars finally get legs

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Meta has finally added legs to its metaverse avatars. The new avatars can be seen in the beta version of Quest Home, and will be rolled out to Horizon Home and Meta Horizon Worlds in the coming weeks.

The addition of legs makes avatars more realistic and immersive but the legs are only visible in third-person, and the system does not track your actual leg movements.

The announcement confirms that avatars now sport legs in a beta iteration of Quest Home, discussed in Meta’s Community forum and initially reported by UploadVR.

The system doesn’t measure actual leg movements but predicts their placement. It introduces minor incongruities when the avatar emulates the user’s movements. Beta testers found that Meta’s legs are solely visible from a third-person perspective, as per UploadVR. While users can observe others’ new limbs and catch a glimpse of their own legs in metaverse mirrors, their personal avatars lack visible legs when looked upon directly.

Eliza Kern, spokesperson for Meta, verified that legs will gradually roll out to Horizon Home and Meta Horizon Worlds over the upcoming weeks.

The sources for this piece include an article in Gizmodo.

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