X to collect biometric data of premium users

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X, formerly known as Twitter, is updating its privacy policy to allow the collection of biometric data from users who sign up for its premium service, X Premium, otherwise known as Twitter Blue.

The policy change, which will take effect on September 29, states that X may collect “biometric identifiers and biometric information” from users, such as their facial scans and fingerprints. This data could be used to verify users’ identities, recommend potential jobs, and share users’ profiles with potential employers.

Some privacy experts have raised concerns about the potential for X to misuse this data, while others have said that it is a necessary step to improve the security of the platform.

X has said that the data collected will be used “to improve the security of your account and to provide you with a more personalized experience.” The company has also said that users will have the option to opt out of data collection.

It remains to be seen how X will use the biometric data it collects from users. However, the policy change is a sign of the company’s ambition to become a more comprehensive social media platform.

In addition to collecting biometric data, X is also planning to offer video and audio calling features. The company has said that these features will be available on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC.

The sources for this piece include an article in BBC.

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