ChatGPT website traffic declines for third month

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ChatGPT has seen its website traffic decline for the third month in a row in August.

According to analytics firm Similarweb, worldwide desktop and mobile website visits to ChatGPT decreased by 3.2% to 1.43 billion in August. This follows approximately 10% drops from each of the previous two months. The amount of time visitors spent on the website has also been declining monthly since March, from an average of 8.7 minutes on site to 7 minutes on site in August.

Despite the decline in traffic, there are some signs that the trend may be reversing. For example, August worldwide unique visitors ticked up to 180.5 million users from 180 million. Additionally, the percentage of younger users of the website, who are more likely to use ChatGPT for homework help, has started to bounce back.

One potential factor that could contribute to ChatGPT’s resurgence is the return of students to school in September. Some educational institutions have started embracing ChatGPT, possibly driven by students seeking homework assistance.

David F. Carr of Similarweb, a seasoned tracker of ChatGPT and its competitors, observes, “Students seeking homework help appears to be part of the story: the percentage of younger users of the website dropped over the summer and is now starting to bounce back.”

The sources for this piece include an article in Reuters.

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