Apple users says iPhone 15 lacks innovation

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Apple fans are disappointed with the new iPhone 15, saying that it lacks innovation and is too similar to the previous model.

On X (formerly Twitter), users have been critical of the new device, with some even claiming that “innovation died with Steve Jobs.”

The new iPhone 15 features a few new features, such as never-before-seen color-infused glass and a titanium design, but critics say that these changes are not enough to differentiate the new model from the previous generation.

“Apple’s innovation died with Steve Jobs,” one disgruntled critic wrote on X. “Most everything since 2011 has been .5-1° improvements on existing products — save for the watch — which was kind of inevitable anyways.”

“Meet the new Apple iPhone 13, I mean 14, no sorry 15!” quipped another.

“Followed the Apple event and there is no difference between the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15,” argued someone else.

“I’m a die-hard Apple fan and iPhone 15 is so bland,” griped one disparager. “I’m skipping and waiting to see iPhone 16. This should have been called iPhone 14.2. This wasn’t enough to earn the ’15.'”

Kaiann Drance, Apple’s VP of Worldwide iPhone Product Marketing, insists that the updated smartphone models are “a huge leap forward” in innovation, but some Apple zealots are rejoicing over a reportedly customizable action button where the mute switch once was.

The sources for this piece include an article in NewYorkPost.

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