Metaphysic launches Metaphysic Pro

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Metaphysic, a company known for its deepfake videos of celebrities, is launching Metaphysic Pro to empower individual performers to assert control over their own image, voice, and performance data, while building a valuable digital asset portfolio and AI training datasets.

Metaphysic Pro is a subscription-based platform that provides creators with access to a suite of tools for generating, safeguarding, and managing their personal biometric data. This data management extends to third-party usage and generative AI, enabling the creation of photorealistic performances, digital identities, and AI avatars.

The platform’s launch comes amid a growing debate over the impact of AI on intellectual property rights, particularly in the creative industries. Metaphysic Pro positions itself as a solution to resolve these disputes, emphasizing transparency, consent, and compensation as its core principles.

Early adopters of Metaphysic Pro include notable figures like Tom Hanks, Anne Hathaway, Octavia Spencer, and Paris Hilton. These creators are using the platform to protect their intellectual property and explore new creative possibilities.

Metaphysic previously revealed that Hanks and Robin Wright, along with additional castmembers, will be de-aged using its generative AI-driven Metaphysic Live tool, for use in Robert Zemeckis’ upcoming Miramax movie Here.

Metaphysic co-founder and CEO Thomas Graham said in a released statement, “AI will change content creation and storytelling forever. Whether you are an actor, performer, sportsperson or just a concerned citizen, it is critical that everyone takes active steps to protect their personal data that can be used to create a perfect AI version of your likeness or performance.

The sources for this piece include an article in Axios.

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