Micro-X to launch self-service airport security checkpoints

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A new system from an Australian company, Micro-X is set to overhaul airport security checkpoints, and mimic efficiency of self-checkout lanes found in supermarkets. The goal is to ensure a swift, stress-free, minimally invasive passenger screening experience, and reduce interactions

Passengers enter an area with rows of booths, each big enough for two adults. Afterwards, an avatar on a screen tells them to put their belongings in the cabinet of a CT scanner that’s one-quarter the size of anything else on the market.

The scanner uses X-rays to create a 3-D image that’s automatically analyzed for prohibited items by software powered by machine-learning algorithms. Meanwhile, a camera system and an electromagnetic body scanner examine the traveler and the avatar prompts them if they’ve forgotten to take something out of their pockets — or seem to be hiding something.

TSA officers would step in only if the system detects a suspicious item or if a traveler needs help. But the Micro-X system would keep foot traffic moving, with passengers able to complete the screening process in an average time of 60 seconds and in as little as 30 seconds.

It also features eight screening booths in the same space as the current single-line lanes, which means that other passengers can still flow through even if one person dawdles or sets off alarms.

In addition to being faster, Micro-X’s system would also reduce stress for TSA officers. They would spend more time helping passengers rather than conducting often tense pat-downs and bag searches.

The sources for this piece include an article in Forbes.


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