Spotify calls for faster regulatory action on Apple’s App Store practices

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Spotify has called on governments around the world to move faster to crack down on Apple’s App Store restrictions, saying that the company’s “artificial constraints” are stifling innovation and harming consumers.

In a blog post, Spotify’s Chief Public Affairs Officer, Dustee Jenkins, said that Apple’s practices are denying consumers the ability to choose for themselves, forcing them to pay more for apps, limiting their user experience and preventing them from hearing about cheaper options.

The heart of the issue lies in Apple’s monopolistic control, which forces consumers to pay higher prices for apps, restricts their user experience, and hinders access to cheaper alternatives. Spotify’s frustration extends to their recent attempt to launch audiobooks, which Apple obstructed, resulting in a subpar user experience.

Additionally, Apple dictates terms such as pricing, communication methods, payment options, and product enhancements, creating an uneven playing field for developers.

Jenkins said that Spotify was willing to fight back against Apple because it believes that companies should be able to compete freely for the hearts and minds of consumers.

According to Jenkins, while there has been some momentum in Europe, there has not been enough progress worldwide.

The sources for this piece include an article in TheVerge.


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