Google’s Bard AI gets more versatile

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Google’s experimental AI chatbot, Bard, has gained three major features that will make it more useful and reliable.

The first feature is a “double-check response with Google” option. This allows users to check the accuracy of Bard’s responses by comparing them to search results from Google. Bard highlights sentences in its responses with different colors to indicate whether the information is supported by Google Search or not.

To use this feature, users should click the “Double-check Response” button next to any Bard response. Bard will then search Google for information that supports its response. If Google finds relevant information, Bard will highlight the corresponding sentence in green and provide a link to the source. If Google does not find relevant information, or if the information it finds differs from Bard’s response, Bard will highlight the sentence in orange and provide a warning message.

The second feature is a set of extensions that allow Bard to draw on data from other Google services, such as Google Flights, Google Hotels, Google Maps, Google Workspace, and YouTube. This makes it possible for users to get comprehensive information and answers to their questions without having to switch between different apps and services.

The third feature is a “share and continue” chat feature. This allows users to share Bard chats with others, who can then view the chat content and continue the conversation. This is useful for collaborating on projects or simply sharing interesting information with friends and colleagues.

The sources for this piece include an article in TechRepublic.

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