Generative AI to augment, not replace, Indeed says

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Generative AI, a type of artificial intelligence that can create new content, including text, code, and images, has the potential to impact all jobs, but is unlikely to fully replace most, according to a new report from Indeed.

The report, released Sept. 21, found that only 1 in 5 jobs posted on Indeed is considered “highly exposed” to generative AI, meaning the technology considers itself “good” or “excellent” at performing 80% or more of the skills listed in the job posting.

Software development jobs have the highest potential exposure, with generative AI “good” or “excellent” at performing 95% of a posting’s skills, including technology and business operations. Human resources jobs were near the high end of exposure, with generative AI considering itself “good” at most of the department’s tasks.

Generative AI is least likely to impact driving, followed by beauty and wellness workers, caregivers, nurses, servers and cooks — the most in-demand jobs with the lowest ability to be done remotely, Indeed said. Retail jobs fell in the middle, with the tech effective at almost 60% of the skills.

“Our research shows that GenAI is less likely to replace an entire job, but rather serve as a tool to augment or streamline parts of a job,” Indeed Chief Economist Svenja Gudell said in a statement.

In other words, while generative AI can perform some job skills, it can’t perform others, such as skills requiring human intuition, advanced reasoning, manual dexterity or physical presence, the report found.

“GenAI, while adept at processing data and executing specific tasks, lacks the innate human qualities that define various roles, especially those centered around manual work, human interactions, and decision-making based on nuanced understanding,” the report explained.

For example, a generative AI chef can help refine a recipe or translate a menu, but it can’t chop an onion or garnish a dessert. An AI nurse can help diagnose an illness, but can’t insert an IV or console a worried family. And an AI software developer can write a line of code, but can’t place it within the broader, complex software architecture envisioned by a human developer.

As for retail jobs, ChatGPT — the generative AI tool Indeed used to assess the tech’s aptitude — has extensive knowledge about retail operations, customer service best practices, inventory management and sales techniques, Indeed found. However, generative AI can’t perform physical tasks, such as stocking shelves, setting up displays and handling products, or engage in face-to-face interactions with customers, all of which make up a significant part of retail.

The sources for this piece include an article in CIODIVE.

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