Global law enforcement joins forces to dismantle ransomware gang

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International law enforcement agencies are actively collaborating to dismantle RagnarLocker, a ransomware gang notorious for its targeted attacks on critical infrastructure.

RagnarLocker is known for its attacks on healthcare systems, energy sector companies, and critical infrastructure organizations. The attackers claimed responsibility for a cyberattack on an Israeli medical center, causing patient care disruptions and data breaches.

This effort driven by law enforcement authorities across Europe, the United States, and Japan, has taken down the dark-web site associated with the RagnarLocker gang. The website now displays a notice confirming its seizure as part of a synchronized international law enforcement operation.

Europol’s deputy spokesperson, Claire Georges, has confirmed their involvement in this ongoing action against the ransomware group. She has also hinted at a more comprehensive announcement once all the actions have been finalized.

The takedown of RagnarLocker could potentially disrupt one of the most destructive ransomware gangs in operation. It’s part of a broader initiative where U.S. law enforcement, alongside international partners, has been intensifying efforts to combat ransomware by targeting not just the criminals but also their online infrastructure and funding sources.

The sources for this piece include an article in Axios.

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