Microsoft updates terms to restrict access to generative AI services

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Microsoft has made significant changes to its online service terms and conditions, introducing a warning regarding the usage of its generative AI services.

The alteration, which appeared in a November 1 update, does not define what constitutes “excessive use” or how long a “temporary” restriction might last.

This move comes as Microsoft is investing heavily in scaling its AI infrastructure, which can be expensive to operate. Other AI providers, such as OpenAI and Midjourney, already impose some usage restrictions to ensure fair access for all users.

It is unclear what impact this new policy will have on users of Microsoft’s generative AI services, such as its AI Copilot. However, some experts have expressed concern that it could lead to bottlenecks and performance degradation, particularly for users who update Windows to start using these services.

Other AI providers, such as OpenAI and Midjourney, also impose some usage restrictions. OpenAI rate limits its API to prevent one person or organization from making an excessive number of requests and bogging down the system for everyone else. OpenAI also limits access to its free tier and may charge standard fees or stop providing access to users who are not using the tier in good faith.

Microsoft also announced this week that its generative AI service, Copilot, is now generally available. Oly enterprise users with at least 300 seats and a $30 per month subscription can access the service. This is a higher barrier to entry than many users expected.

The sources for this piece include an article in TheRegister.

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