Is OpenAI’s Q* Artificial General Intelligence?

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OpenAI’s latest model, Q* (pronounced Q Star), is raising eyebrows in the AI community as a potential milestone towards achieving Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). This comes against the backdrop of organizational changes, including the dismissal of CEO Sam Altman.

While reports by Reuters suggested a connection between Altman’s firing and Q*’s development, OpenAI’s spokesperson, Lindsey Held Bolton, clarified that Mira Murati’s acknowledgment of the media stories did not confirm their accuracy. Furthermore, sources familiar with the matter informed The Verge that the board was unaware of such a letter about Q* and that the model’s progress wasn’t a factor in Altman’s departure.

Reuters also revealed that insiders at OpenAI believe Q* could be a significant breakthrough in the quest for AGI. Despite currently performing at a grade-school level in math, the model’s success in these tasks, supported by substantial computing resources, has spurred optimism about its future capabilities.

These developments paint a complex picture at OpenAI, blending cutting-edge AI research with internal management dynamics.

Sources include: Reuters

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