Open AI delays launch of app store

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OpenAI has pushed back the launch of its much-anticipated GPT store to early 2024, as revealed in a memo to developers. Initially set for release last month, the store is designed for distributing custom versions of ChatGPT. This delay is a significant shift from OpenAI’s announcement at last month’s DevDay conference.

The reason? A few “unexpected things” keeping the team busy. For now, custom GPTs can be shared via direct links, but the store’s launch will enable broader distribution. Additionally, OpenAI plans to share revenue from ChatGPT Plus subscriptions with creators of popular GPTs, though details are still forthcoming. Amidst these developments, OpenAI has experienced some internal turmoil, including the brief firing and rehiring of CEO Sam Altman. The company assures developers of upcoming updates to ChatGPT and expresses gratitude for their efforts in building GPTs.

Sources include: Axios

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