ChatGPT beta allows multi-GPT in single conversation

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OpenAI is pushing the boundaries of AI interaction with its latest beta feature for ChatGPT, introducing the concept of multi-GPT conversations. This innovative feature allows users to engage with multiple GPT models simultaneously within the same chat interface, a significant leap towards realizing OpenAI’s ambition of crafting a universal assistant for everyday tasks.

The functionality of this feature is straightforward yet powerful. By using the “@” symbol followed by the name of a specific GPT, users can seamlessly summon individual GPT models into the conversation. This approach not only enhances the versatility of the chat experience but also paves the way for a more personalized and comprehensive assistant service.

Sam Altman, in a recent discussion with Bill Gates on a podcast, highlighted the importance of customizability and personalization in OpenAI’s ongoing development strategy. This vision extends beyond merely refining GPT-4 to align with individual user preferences and styles. It encompasses the integration of personal data such as emails and calendars, thereby tailoring the AI’s responses and functionalities to the unique needs of each user.

Moreover, this development signifies OpenAI’s efforts to transform ChatGPT into a more inclusive platform. It aims to facilitate the integration of various GPT-based models, simplifying the process for any user to harness the collective capabilities of these AI models.

Sources include: The Decoder

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