Camera security vulnerability allows hackers access to almost any camera

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In a striking revelation, Northeastern University research has brought to light a severe lapse in the security of modern cameras, including those used in home security systems and smartphones. Here’s a breakdown of the crucial points from the research:

The study introduced EM Eye, a method that captures live video from cameras through walls by tapping into the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the camera’s internal wires. This vulnerability could allow someone with moderate technical skills and equipment to spy on camera feeds in real time.

The equipment required for this type of espionage is relatively inexpensive and accessible, meaning that with a small investment, the privacy of individuals and security of properties could be compromised.

A significant gap in camera design has been highlighted; while efforts are made to secure digital interfaces, little attention is given to prevent information leakage through unintended electromagnetic emissions.

The distance from which an individual can intercept camera feeds varies with different devices; some may require close proximity, while others can be accessed from up to 16 feet away.

Even when not recording, cameras with an open lens can transmit live feeds, posing a constant threat of surveillance through walls.


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