Nvidia CEO says we no longer need to teach children to code

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At the World Government Summit in Dubai, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang presented a radical viewpoint, diverging from the traditional tech industry stance that coding is an essential skill for the younger generation. Contrary to prior tech executive advice, Huang suggested that the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has made programming skills redundant, advocating instead for a focus on fields like biology, education, and farming. He envisions a future where AI handles coding, allowing humans to communicate with computers in natural language, effectively making everyone a programmer without the need to learn coding languages.

Despite Huang’s forward-looking statement, the reaction from the tech community has been mixed. Industry analyst Patrick Moorhead highlighted the persistent demand for programmers, despite past predictions of coding’s demise due to new tools and languages. Moorhead also compared AI’s impact on coding to the desktop publishing revolution, suggesting AI will democratize coding rather than eliminate it, expanding access and creativity rather than stifling it.

The debate over AI’s role in the future of work continues, underscored by a study from Bloomberry which shows a mixed impact on the freelance job market since the introduction of AI tools like ChatGPT. While writing and translation gigs have declined, software development jobs have seen a slight increase. This suggests that while AI may change the nature of some jobs, it also creates opportunities in others, emphasizing the need for a nuanced understanding of AI’s implications across different sectors.

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