Global freelancing costs: Australia tops, Canada at 12th, Colombia most affordable

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A recent study by Bookipi has revealed the countries with the most expensive freelancing services, positioning Australia at the summit with Canada ranking 12th. This global analysis reflects the diverse economic landscapes and the impact of living standards on freelance pricing.

The study, conducted by invoicing software company Bookipi, took data from the outsourcing platform Upwork and looked at how much freelancers in 40 different countries charge on average per job. While hourly rates may be a factor in the costs, they looked at the overall cost of specific jobs that are popular on the Upwork platform.

Assignments included logo design, video editing, and even data entry. For each service in each country, the starting and end price were collected, and an average price overall was calculated.

Key Findings from the Research

The top three countries on the list in terms of cost are:

  1. Australian freelancers charge an average of $594.56 per job, leading the world in costs associated with creative writing, web programming, and mobile app development projects.
  2. Second on the list, India commands an average of $501 per freelance job. Indian freelancers’ expertise in software development and digital marketing allows them to demand higher rates.
  3.  Morocco, ranking third, shows an average freelance rate of $402.03, with notable charges for video editing services.

Positioned at 12th, Canada’s freelancers charge an average of $298.40 per job, indicating the country’s robust economy and high living standards contribute to the freelancing market rates, but perhaps partly because of the rate of exchange with the US dollar, Canada remains a relatively affordable source of high quality freelancers.

Most affordable:

Colombia emerges as the most affordable freelancing country, with an average cost of $72.13 per job. Brazil and Argentina follow as countries with competitive rates, offering global clients cost-effective freelancing options.

The findings offer freelancers insights into pricing their services fairly based on global standards. Businesses seeking freelance services can strategically source talent from various markets to balance cost and expertise.

Tim Lee of Bookipi emphasizes the “value of appreciating different cultures and experiences in shaping freelance work valuation.”

The report encourages freelancers to understand their worth and clients to recognize the economic and skill factors that influence global freelance costs.



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