Apple to integrate ChatGPT into iPhones

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Apple Inc. is on the brink of solidifying a deal with OpenAI to integrate the ChatGPT technology into iPhones, signaling a significant step in Apple’s ambition to enhance its devices with advanced artificial intelligence capabilities. According to sources close to the matter, the partnership is set to bring ChatGPT features to iOS 18, the forthcoming update to Apple’s iPhone operating system.

Simultaneously, Apple is engaged in ongoing discussions with Google about the possibility of incorporating Google’s Gemini chatbot. Although these talks have not yet culminated in an agreement, they are still active, highlighting Apple’s strategy to potentially diversify its AI offerings.

This development is part of Apple’s broader strategy to assert itself in the AI domain, particularly at its Worldwide Developers Conference scheduled for June. Here, Apple plans to unveil a series of new AI features, which will be powered by data centers running on the company’s proprietary processors.

The move to integrate OpenAI’s technology follows comments last year from Apple CEO Tim Cook, who acknowledged using ChatGPT personally while noting several unresolved issues that needed addressing before its broader application in Apple products. Cook emphasized that any AI features introduced by Apple would be integrated on a “very thoughtful basis,” reflecting the company’s commitment to meticulous and responsible AI deployment.

In a recent earnings call, Cook expressed optimism about Apple’s unique position in the AI landscape, citing its integrated ecosystem of hardware, software, and services as a key differentiator that could give Apple a competitive edge in the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence.


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