OpenAI snubs Microsoft, launching GPT-4o only on macOS

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OpenAI, despite Microsoft’s substantial $10 billion investment, has chosen to release its new ChatGPT app exclusively on macOS, leaving Windows users awaiting a native version. At a live event where OpenAI showcased updates including GPT-4o—a language model with enhanced real-time voice capabilities—only a macOS app was announced. The absence of a simultaneous Windows app launch was justified by OpenAI’s COO Mira Murati who said “we’re just prioritizing where our users are.”  OpenAI’s strategy may not be a direct snub to Microsoft, but instead, just a business decisions to focus on platforms where most of their users are, despite Windows’ larger market share.

This move underscores the current trend where app developers often prioritize macOS over Windows for new applications. While Windows users can access ChatGPT through a web app, it lacks the integration and performance benefits of a native app. OpenAI has indicated a Windows version of the app is expected later this year but did not provide a specific timeframe.

This decision by OpenAI may feel like a slight to Microsoft, especially considering its efforts to position Windows as a leading platform for AI development. The situation is made more poignant by the fact that Microsoft’s own AI-powered service, Copilot, integrated into Windows, does not offer the same capabilities or updates as OpenAI’s standalone products.

The development has sparked discussions about platform prioritization in software development, with implications for the accessibility of advanced AI tools across different operating systems. This situation reflects broader trends in software development and could influence future decisions in the deployment of AI applications across platforms.


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