Apple will not release new AI features in Europe

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Apple has announced that three significant features in iOS 18 and macOS Sequoia won’t be available to European users this fall. These features include iPhone screen mirroring on Mac, SharePlay screen sharing, and the entire Apple Intelligence suite of generative AI capabilities.

This announcement happens just as Apple has been found to be in breach of the EU anti-competition laws designed to protect smaller competitors against big tech companies.

Apple spokesperson Fred Sainz stated, “Due to the regulatory uncertainties brought about by the Digital Markets Act, we do not believe that we will be able to roll out these features to our EU users this year.”

The company is concerned that the DMA’s interoperability requirements could compromise user privacy and data security. While Apple is committed to working with the European Commission to find a solution, no timeline has been given for when these features might become available in the EU.

This situation isn’t new; EU regulations have previously led to differences in Apple’s offerings. For instance, Apple recently allowed third-party app stores on iOS in Europe due to EU regulations, a change not seen in other regions.



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