Exploring AI’s Promise and Challenges with Steven Karan, VP and Head of Data & Insights for Capgemini Canada | Hashtag Trending Weekend Edition

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In this special weekend edition of Hashtag Trending, host Jim Love dives deep into the promise, challenges, and future of data and artificial intelligence with Steven Karan, Vice President and Head of Insights and Data for Capgemini Canada. They discuss the evolution of AI, its impact on businesses, prototyping and scaling AI solutions, data quality issues, and the potential for Canadian businesses over the next 12 months. Join the conversation to understand how AI is rapidly transforming the technological landscape and what it means for organizations today.

00:00 Introduction to Hashtag Trending
00:03 The Promise and Challenges of Data
00:43 Guest Introduction: Steven Karan
01:46 AI Adoption and Strategy
02:58 Generative AI: Evolution and Adoption
06:40 Practical Use Cases and Prototyping
24:18 Data Quality and Challenges
34:02 Future of AI and Final Thoughts


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