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Women, Middle Manager Lead The Great Resignation

Women in middle management positions are three times more likely to seek a new job, as a recent Qualtrics survey found that middle management has seen the largest decline in employees wanting to keep their jobs.

SlashData Reports On The Top Programming Languages

SlashData's State of the Development Nation report focused on global trends for software developers in 160 countries

Google Staff Notes Concerns as Remote Workers Get Pay Cuts

According to Wired, Google employees are expressing concern about the company's decision to cut salaries of remote workers.

Gen Z Won’t Solve Present Tech Skills Crisis, Survey

A survey of 500 IT decision-makers and 542 16-24-year-olds found that young people feel they do not have the skills and knowledge to pursue a technology career.

Manual Certificate Management Falling Way Behind PKI Growth

Organizations now manage more than 50,000 certificates, indicating the existence of new management challenges that many companies are struggling with.

Deloitte Report Reveals How Companies Can Be More Ethical

In a report, Deloitte identified some changes that technology companies need to make to improve their ethical standing.

Tech Workers Resignations Spiraling Out of Control

A survey of 1,200 technology and IT workers in the U.S. conducted by training platform TalentLMS and recruitment software provider Workable found that nearly three-quarters of IT workers said they planned to quit by next year.

WFQ Study Reveals 31% Of Developers Quit In Q2

Workforce Logiq conducted a study on the volatility of the labor market and showed that the current labor shortage, known as the "Great Resignation," continues to this day.