Canadian healthcare industry needs to overcome technological challenges: Hashtag Trending for Friday, June 28th, 2024

Just a heads up that this is our last daily news program next week. We are going to take some much-needed R&R next week...

National Health Service hack leads to publication of huge amount of sensitive information

A significant cyberattack has resulted in the publication of sensitive patient data stolen from Synnovis, a blood testing company serving multiple NHS trusts in...

London hospitals cancel over 800 operations after ransomware attack

NHS England disclosed today that a recent ransomware attack on Synnovis has led to the cancellation of hundreds of operations and appointments in multiple...

Neuralink first human subject feared removal of the device

In a remarkable technological stride, Neuralink has inaugurated a new era in medical science with its first human brain implant, offering new hope for...

Breakthrough in neuroscience: First functional 3D-printed brain tissue unveiled

In a groundbreaking advancement that could revolutionize the study of neurological disorders, a team of researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison has successfully created...

Ransomware gang continues to publish data stolen from Ontario hospitals

The Daxin Team ransomware group has released its third tranche of data stolen from southwestern Ontario hospitals that share an IT services provider because it can’t get a penny from the institutions. According to Canadian-based Emsisoft threat researcher Brett Callow, this third installment of data was released Sunday. The gang promises to release databases full

Ontario hospital group confirms attack was ransomware

The Daixin Team has begun leaking s

Ontario hospital group confirms attack was ransomware

The Daixin Team has begun leaking s