Breakthrough in neuroscience: First functional 3D-printed brain tissue unveiled

In a groundbreaking advancement that could revolutionize the study of neurological disorders, a team of researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison has successfully created...

Ransomware gang continues to publish data stolen from Ontario hospitals

The Daxin Team ransomware group has released its third tranche of data stolen from southwestern Ontario hospitals that share an IT services provider because it can’t get a penny from the institutions. According to Canadian-based Emsisoft threat researcher Brett Callow, this third installment of data was released Sunday. The gang promises to release databases full

Ontario hospital group confirms attack was ransomware

The Daixin Team has begun leaking s

Ontario hospital group confirms attack was ransomware

The Daixin Team has begun leaking s

Downtown Toronto hospital investigating ‘data security incident’

A major downtown Toronto hospital is investigating what it calls a data security incident. Michael Garron Hospital, part of a group of healthcare institutions called the Toronto East Health Network, said on its website that it learned of the incident earlier this week. “We are actively investigating and assessing the impact of the incident with

Data on 3.4 million mothers, children stolen from Ontario registry

The registry, called BORN, is one of the latest -- and biggest -- victims of the MOVEit file transfer server vul

Data of about 26,000 patients may have been copied from Toronto hospital group

Group says "unusual firewall activity" was first detected in June, after which a threat actor was removed from two ap

WHO fears myopia influx

Computer and smartphone screen usage has been related to progressive eye diseases. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), by 2050, more than half...