New Feature Removes Google Images Of Minors From Search

Google introduced a new policy that allows minors or their caregivers to request the removal of their images from the platform's search results.

Microsoft Cautions Over Increase In Password Spraying Attacks

Microsoft's Detection and Response Team (DART) said state-sponsored hackers track identities with password spraying.

Cyberattack Targets U.K. Internet Phone Providers

Several U.K. providers of voice over internet protocol services were targeted in recent weeks by a distributed denial of service attack.

Security Threats That Organizations Will Face Next Year

A report examined some of the security challenges businesses may face next year, including the continued increase in supply chain attacks

Israel Researcher Cracked 70% Of WiFi Networks Sampled

An Israeli researcher was able to crack 70% of 5,000 WiFi networks in Tel Aviv, showing that home networks are extremely vulnerable and easy to hijack.

WordPress Plugin Bug Enables Subscribers To Wipe Sites

A WordPress plugin with more than 8,000 active installations, may allow authenticated attackers to reset and erase target websites.

Iranian Gas Station Disrupted After Cyberattack

Iranian gas stations were disrupted by a cyberattack that affected the entire distribution network.

Consumers Distrust Companies that Pay Ransomware Attackers

A Survey from data management company Cohesity found that 23% of respondents said they would stop doing business with a company that paid a ransom.