Trump Starting His Own Social Media Platform

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Former president Trump was undoubtedly one of the most dominant personalities on social media before the siege of the US Capitol last January 6 resulted in his erasure from social media giants Twitter and Facebook after he had allegedly incited the violence that led to multiple deaths.

His influence has since been severely curtailed and because of this, his senior adviser recently dished out that Trump will soon be launching his own social media platform.

Nevertheless, many experts feel that this effort will be rough sailing from the get go. Here’s why:

  • It will be hard to compete with the ubiquity of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. Trump’s success in these platforms were largely due to their huge user base. Hence, it will be hard to go viral with a new platform that will go head to head with established social media giants. Twitter, for example, remains to be the dominant force when it comes to political content.
  • The timeline seems to be rushed and many social media users are already very weary of reading about politics on these platforms
  • Since the January 6 violence, Trump’s branding has taken a severe hit with many businesses cutting ties with him and his business interests. His properties are also in jeopardy while Trump himself is facing criminal probes in states like New York and Georgia.

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