Google’s New Alliance Wants to Get Digital Keys, Mobile IDs Working on Android

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As of 2018, all Google Pixel phones feature a Titan M chip known as the SE or Secure Element. Separate from the phone’s processor, it stores encryption keys and validates the operating system. Today, Google sees the Titan M and other Secure Elements as key to new innovations such as digital passports and identity cards for Android phones.

Therefore, Google founded the Android Ready SE Alliance, a coalition of SE vendors and device manufacturers that wants to accelerate the adoption of these features in Android. The goal is to create a collection of open source and ready-to-use applets for SE chips. StrongBox, a tool for storing cryptographic keys, became the first applet launched by the group.

In the future, the coalition wants to focus on use cases such as digital car keys and mobile driving licenses.

For more information, see Engadget’s <a href=”” data-type=”URL” data-id=””>original story</a>.

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