Tech Giants Planning Return to Office

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Major technology companies are drawing up plans for the return of workers to the office. While the COVID-19 pandemic may have caused a shift worldwide, companies are now seeking to open up and return to their former ways of working, albeit with minimal capacity. Tech giants, including Facebook and Uber, revealed the various measures taken to allow a small percentage of their workforce to return to some company premises. Uber reportedly plans to reopen its Mission Bay offices in San Francisco on Monday at a 20% occupancy rate, while Facebook plans to reopen select offices in the Bay Area with a maximum seat capacity of 10%. Microsoft also plans to open its headquarters in Redmond, Washington and nearby universities on a limited basis on Monday.

According to Uber, Facebook and Microsoft, the return of workers to their various jobs remains voluntary. Speaking to Gizmodo, Uber spokeswoman Lois Van Der Laan stated that the return to work will be voluntary. She also stated that the company’s work from home has been extended until September 13. According to Lois Van Der Laan, “Our office reopening protocols meet (or exceed) global, national, and local public health guidelines, and are developed in partnership with public health experts and health and safety partners. Employees returning to the workplace need to take a virtual training, sign a COVID-19 Precautions & Acknowledgement form, and take a daily health screening (including temperature check) at home to qualify for return”

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