Companies, Employees Disagree on Future Work From Home

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Returning to work may prove to be a bigger challenge this year than shifting work from home last year.

A survey conducted by Blind Blog found that not all employees would prefer to return to the office after experiencing the benefits and flexibility of working from home.

Almost all employers now organize their work in the aftermath of the pandemic, but the survey showed that many workers have no desire to return.

Many workers show that they are successful with their current housing situation, saving time and money by not commuting to work, and are also less exposed to traffic, pollution and disease.

Still, the right perks could bring a significant number of people back to work. Additional benefits such as free food and free gym memberships may be attractive to some.

All in all, companies need to be more in tune with employees feelings and employees need to be more in line with company plans.

For more information, see the original story from Computerworld.


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