Microsoft Shows Teams’ Importance by Offering Bug Bounties

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Microsoft has further emphasized the importance of Teams for its current and future planning by launching a new bug bounty program that offers security researchers up to $30,000 to report previously unknown vulnerabilities.

Microsoft listed five specific scenarios known as “high impact,” with rewards ranging from $6,000 to $30,000, with the largest bounty for vulnerabilities described as “remote code execution without user interaction.”

Teams bugs that led to an “ability to obtain authentication credentials for other users*(note: does not include phishing)” would rate a maximum of $ 15,000.

A list of common sources of error was also included, with rewards ranging from $500 to $15,000 depending on the severity of the error and the quality of the Finder’s message.

A full list of Microsoft bounty programs can be found on the company’s official website.

For more information, you may view the original story from Computerworld.


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