‘Fake’ Amazon Accounts Defend Company on Twitter

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As votes are being counted in Alabama to decide whether Amazon warehouse workers can form a union, fake accounts posing as Amazon employees are taking to Twitter to praise their working conditions.

Last night, a series of anti-union tweets were sent from accounts posing as employees of the retail giant, many of which Twitter has since suspended, while Amazon has confirmed that at least one is fake.

Many of the accounts started with @AmazonFC, followed by a first name, the majority of which were created just a few days ago and had only tweeted about Amazon.

The @AmazonFC handles were used by Amazon ambassadors who happened to be real employees paid by the company to promote and defend the brand on Twitter. It is still unclear whether some of the accounts belonged to real employees or whether the majority were bots and trolls pretending to be Amazon ambassadors.

Amazon executives have tweeted in defense of the company in recent days after negative reports of poor working conditions circulated in the news, including staff having to urinate in bottles.

For more information see the original story from BBC.

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