Working Remotely May Increase Gender And Racial Harassment Report Says

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A recent report conducted by an advocacy group between May and February found that tech workers experienced more harassment based on gender, age, race, or ethnicity while working remotely during the pandemic. The survey, which involved more than 3,000 people across the country, found that more than one in four respondents said they experienced more gender-based harassment.

According to Ellen Pao, a tech investor who founded the advocacy group Project Include, the survey was necessary after hearing complaints from people at the start of the pandemic about the increase in harassment even though they had not worked in the office. Ellen Pao: “There’s the assumption that once everybody went separately and you were protected in your own home, that you wouldn’t see the same level of harassment. It turned out that actually wasn’t the case.”

Not only were they harassed, but respondents also reported an increase in hostility, which many defined as behavior that, while less abusive than harassment, could nonetheless create a harmful environment.

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