Comedian Created ‘Darla,’ the Anti-Union Amazon Worker ‘Just for Fun’

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Over the weekend, a parody account created to mock Amazon’s anti-union army caught the attention of reporters and Amazon critics on Twitter.

The Twitter account @AmazonFCDarla had a profile picture that looked fake, but their tweets were eerily similar to those used by real Amazon employees.

Twitter eventually got wind of the Darla account and suspended it along with a number of other accounts for imitation.

The alleged owner of the Darla account, Chicago-based comedian Robby Appleton, came forward and claimed he created the account just for fun.

When asked what he would say to Amazon if the company was still paying attention to its gag, the comedian quipped that if Amazon’s working conditions were as good as the technology giant claims, it should welcome a union because it is the pride of every union. If employees “experience was so good that they didn’t need a union, the union would come and absolutely praise them for the good work they do.

For more information, you may view the original story from The Verge.


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