Google Rolls Out Chrome For iOS Update

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After going without updates for the past four months, a new version of Chrome for iPhone and iPad is now coming out. While Google began releasing new app updates on iOS back in February, Google has been a little behind and skipped version 88 January and March 89. Also, while the most recent update remains released Chrome 87.0.4280.163, which focuses on fixing bugs, version 90 of the browser is expected next week, and it will come with a new feature, one of which is the Touch / Face ID Google tested to protect open incognito tabs.

Under “Data Linked to You” App functionality now includes your name. “Crash data” and “Customer support” are now under “Not associated with You.” Google confirmed the changes and announced that it will “regularly evaluate our data needs to ensure that we collect only data that is necessary to provide and develop useful products and features,” while reminding that the app privacy labels “represent the maximum categories of data that could be collected.”

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