Massive Growth In US IT Jobs Despite Losses During Pandemic

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During the low point of the COVID 19 pandemic in 2020, more than 100,000 IT jobs were lost, and while two-thirds of these jobs returned during the year, 2020 ended with 33,200 fewer IT jobs in the US than in 2019. Despite the large loss in the IT sector in 2020, almost all IT jobs lost during the COVID 19 pandemic have returned in the US, with IT employment now in the months of growth.

According to the latest figures from IT employment consultancy Janco Associates, an additional 70,000 IT jobs are expected to be available this year. When assessing the number of job openings available in the IT sector, software developers made up the largest pool of jobs listed, with 93,000, followed by IT support specialists with 25,800, and systems engineers and architects with 23,200.

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