Mark Zuckerberg’s Security Costs Facebook $24 Million

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Facebook announced in a financial filing that it paid its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, $23.4 million for his security at home and while travelling, according to the report, because of the “specific threats identified” and his “unique position” as “one of the most recognized leaders in the world.”

To clarify how much money was spent on Zuckerberg’s security, the tech giant revealed that the increase in costs was due to security protocols during the pandemic, an increase in personal protection during the US election, and the rising cost of bodyguards.

While Zuckerberg, who is the fifth richest person in the world at $118 billion, receives an annual salary of $1 from Facebook and no bonuses or stock awards, the Facebook co-founder received a pre-tax security allowance of $13.4 million last year, with $10 million allocated to cover “additional costs related to Mr Zuckerberg and his family”

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