1 in 5 Workers Claim Increased Tech Expertise Due to COVID

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A recent survey found that 18% of full-time employees consider themselves experts in digital technology since Covid-19 began, while more than half consider themselves competent. Overall, the survey showed the changing relationship between workers and technology caused by the shift to remote work, the lack of personal IT support and greater reliance on digital collaboration tools.

The survey was conducted in November and December 2020 by global research and consulting firm Gartner. It surveyed 10,080 full-time employees in companies with 100 or more employees in the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific to understand workers “technological and professional experiences and feelings.

In 2020, workers saw an 11% increase in their working hours on laptops, smartphones, or tablets, and an 8% reduction in their working hours on desktops. On the other hand, Gen Z and millennials spent 30% of their working hours on tablets or smartphones, while older generations were more likely to use desktops and laptops.

Other trends emerging from the survey include:

  1. The feeling of technical mastery of the workers has accelerated compared to earlier years.
  2. Allowed autonomy is increasing.
  3. Portable devices are booming for digital workers.
  4. IT as a problem solver is on the rise due to a wide range of contact media.
  5. Virtual meetings proved persistent, and workers preferred them even more.
  6. Productivity rose for many, fell for others, and some of the positive effects persisted.
  7. Workers intend to implement the flexibility in terms of time and work that 2020 has given them.

36% reported an increase in productivity, while 35% reported no change. Flexible working hours became the most important factor in increasing productivity, with 43% of respondents choosing to do so. Furthermore, 69% of workers said they would be more likely to consider a new role if it allowed them to work in a place of their choice, while 64% said they would consider a role with flexible working hours.

For more information, the original story in Tech Republic.


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