Microsoft Edge To Add Automatic HTTPS Option In July

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Starting in late July, Microsoft Edge, a cross-platform web browser developed by Microsoft, will automatically redirect users to secure HTTPS connections when they visit websites that use the HTTP protocol, part of the efforts of all browser providers, including Google Chrome and Firefox, which also default to the HTTPS protocol.

Because data sent and received via HTTP is unencrypted, malicious actors can easily monitor all information sent through them, including passwords, credit card information, and various other sensitive information. HTTPS creates an encrypted connection between the browser and the server.

This change will further protect Edge users’ web traffic from man-in-the-middle attacks that can intercept data exchanged over unencrypted connections.

Those who want this feature before July can download the HTTPS Everywhere extension, which is available in the Microsoft Edge add-on store.

For more information, read the <a href=”_wp_link_placeholder” data-wplink-edit=”true”>original story</a> in Bleeping Computer

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