Diversity Inc Top 50 List includes Three Tech Firms

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Diversity Inc recently released its “2021 Top 50 companies for Diversity” list. While companies like Hilton, MasterCard, and Toyota dominated the list, only three technology companies made it to the list.

The list, which is based on a variety of metrics, some of which include gender and racial representation of the overall workforce, management and board, new hires or promotions, and others saw only three technology companies, Accenture, Comcast and Automatic Data Processing Inc. ADP, in the top ten, and the list, in general, underscores the long-standing criticism of the technology industry as largely homogeneous at almost all levels.

While the technology industry is changing slowly, efforts to promote diversity are ongoing. Carlos Rodriguez, President and CEO of ADP, stated the drastic changes in today’s world have highlighted the need to address diversity, equity and inclusion at work across borders, pointing out that the company had a responsibility to diversify its workforce after the global protests against racism and police brutality in 2020.

Commenting on the changes in the company’s workforce, Comcast Executive Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer Dalila Wilson-Scott said, “In so many ways, 2020 was a challenging year, one that pushed our society to its limits. And yet, it also provided us with an opportunity — really an obligation — to sharpen and deepen our commitment to building a stronger, more equitable, just, and inclusive future.”

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