Investments in Deep-Tech are Driven by Competition

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A survey by Seeqc shows that increasing investment in deep tech solutions is largely driven by competition in the industry. 67% fear that their competitors will be more successful with deep tech solutions.

Deep-tech solutions refer to solutions that address essential scientific or technical challenges to previously unsolvable problems.

58% of respondents said they expect Return on investment (ROI) from deep-tech investments to yield returns within one to five years, and the survey also showed that decision-makers are under immense pressure to find solutions to upcoming business challenges.

57% of large companies are actively seeking deep tech solutions to solve specific existing or emerging business problems.

Factors driving investment in these technologies include:

Equal competitors with perceived advances in deep technology – 37%

An approaching business problem for which the company feels ill-equipped – 28%

Desire to be at the forefront of innovation in solving business problems – 20%

Seeing deep tech solutions as the driving force of business success – 15%

Factors affecting skills and manpower also dominate concerns when pursuing new technological approaches, with 52% saying that putting together the right team with the right technical expertise is the biggest challenge.

71% of companies say they spend 15% or more of their R & D budget on research into deep tech solutions, while 16% allocate more than a quarter of their budget.

82% of decision-makers are afraid of implementing deep-tech solutions, while another 74% are afraid of making the wrong investments. Moreover, 71% feel that investing in deep-tech solutions can make other jobs obsolete.

For more information, read the original story on Zdnet.

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