Tech Workers Worry About Returning To Work Post-Pandemic

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A recent survey by Randstad, a multinational recruitment consultancy, shows that 40% of tech workers are nervous about returning to work after their temporary leave during the pandemic.

The study comes as the United Kingdom is gradually emerging from its third phase of COVID-19 lockdowns. Businesses across the country are now outlining plans to return to work.

The survey, which involved nearly 8,000 UK workers, revealed that employees returning to work after temporary leave were less anxious when HR took an active role in getting them back to work.

According to the survey, post-furlough onboarding, a term that describes the integration and adjustment of furlough workers back into the job, seems to be very important to regain a foothold after a break.

While post-furlough onboarding is considered very important, much remains to be done, as the survey report shows that some industries perform better than others in re-onboarding furlough employees.

According to the survey, just over a quarter of angry employees said they received no or “very poor” onboarding on their return to work, compared to only 17% in rail– the best-performing industry when it comes to onboarding.

For more information, read the original story in Tech Republic.


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