Google Launches Privacy Update, ML Features for Analytics

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On Thursday, Google unveiled an update for its measurement and analytics products.

The tech giant said the new features were the result of its investment in machine learning and modeling and aimed at helping marketers operate without identifiers on websites and apps such as cookies.

Last October, after a decade, Google undertook a major overhaul of its analytics program that included new machine learning features, unified app and web reporting, native integrations, and privacy updates.

On privacy, Google said it will soon expand its advanced machine learning models to include behavioral reports in analytics.

In user acquisition reports, for example, machine learning models will now be able to close gaps in the number of new users gained in a given campaign, which should allow marketers to track customer journeys without relying on cookies.

Google has also developed an additional, privacy-friendly method to ensure accurate conversion even without cookies.

These new advanced conversions allow tags to use first-party consent data to gain insight into performance and improve measurement in cases where an ad is viewed on one device and clicked through another. Data is hacked to protect privacy and security.

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