Survey Reveals Email Is Stressing People Out

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E-commerce web studio TashHusky recently published a report which revealed that adults are stressed out by their emails.

The survey was conducted from late April into early May on the email habits of 2,342 U.S. adults.

Here are some highlights of the report:

Responding to Emails

18.3% of respondents described themselves as email addicts.

25% of respondents reported losing sleep due to a professional email

57% of respondents feel pressured to respond immediately to emails

52.8% of respondents respond to less urgent emails in less than 4 hours

60% of respondents said it was important not to have unread emails in their inbox.

48.5% of respondents are afraid of unread emails

Generational Email Habits

Men are less likely to feel pressured to respond promptly to emails, but the report also showed that men check their emails 16 times a day compared to women who check 13 times a day.

Gen Z started checking their emails regularly at the age of 17, while millennials started checking their emails regularly at the age of 20.

State-by-State Email Trends

The five states with the most regular e-mail checks include Maine (35), Iowa (29.6), Utah (22.8), West Virginia (22.8), and Michigan (20.7).

The five states with the fewest email checks are Washington (9.1), Oregon (9.4), Illinois (9.7), Maryland (10), and Mississippi (10.3).

75% of respondents check their emails when they are bored.

50% of respondents check their emails while spending time with family and friends

69.3% of respondents check their e-mails while on holiday.

<strong>Nightly email habits</strong>

46% of respondents check their emails at night when they cannot sleep

58.9% of respondents said they check their inbox at night and at weekends.

62% of respondents said they would prefer meetings to be held by email.

For more information, read the original story in Tech Republic.



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