Flexibility In The Office Is Essential For Productivity

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ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott spoke to analysts and reporters during the “Knowledge 2021” event about the importance of flexibility in the office.

When the COVID-19 pandemic displaced employees at home, cloud services, the consumption of IT, and a variety of digital technologies enabled workers to stay productive without having to share an office or workspace.

Research by Salesforce shows that the majority of remote workers are more productive and communicative.

A similar study by the Prodoscore Research Council found that labor productivity increased in 2020.

McDermott stressed in his speech that 75% of the workforce in 2024 will be millennials or younger and that they want to work in a way that makes them most productive, where flexibility is central.

McDermott warned companies that fail to create a flexible, hybrid work model risk damaging their customer experience and losing or not hiring top talent.

For more information, read the original story in ZDNet.

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