Apple Employees Protest New Office Work Plan

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Apple employees are protesting the CEO’s order for a widespread return to office.

Tim Cook announced in a memo released last week that employees should be in the office at least three days a week by September.

Employees are demanding more flexibility, and the policy has already forced some Apple workers to quit.

This new policy applies nationwide to teams that have to work in person and require a four or five day week at the office.

In a statement of refutation, the staff requested the following:

  • Apple leaves work decisions remotely to individual teams
  • A company-wide survey on the topic across teams and the entire company
  • Exit interviews to ask specifically about “employee churn” because of remote work
  • A plan to take account of disability through remote and on-site work
  • Information on the environmental impact of on-site work compared to remote work

Google took a similar step when the tech giant instructed its employees to work three days a week in the office until September.

Facebook is taking a different tack, recognizing the reality that remote work is “the future” and that workers can continue to work from home, even though they have been criticized for forcing contractors back to their offices.

Twitter is in the same league as Facebook, enabling employees to work from home forever, provided that the employee’s specific role enables remote work.

For more information, read the original story in the BBC.

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