New Features And Changes In Android 12 Beta 2

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Google recently released the second beta for Android 12, and it came with new features that are all summarized below, from its “conversations” widget to its ‘Quick Tap’ double-tap back gesture and others.

The “conversations” widget, which allows users to jump into a message from the home screen, can now tap a running message thread from several apps, allowing users to choose any conversation for most messaging apps.

The “Quick Talk” double-tap gesture, which is only activated on Google’s Pixel 5, allows a screenshot to be taken by default and also performs some other activities, such as triggering the Google Assistant, playing/pausing media, opening the Recent Apps menu, and others.

The new face unlock animation feature available on Pixel 4 takes place after the device is unlocked, and when the lock screen disappears, a wave of color radiates from top to bottom, meaning that the face unlock has just been used.

In beta 2 of Android 12, picture-in-picture is no longer reduced by dragging the corners but enlarged by double tapping and pinching.

While there is now a switch that enables/disables the ‘show clipboard access’ toast message, smart replies are no longer tablet-shaped with high-level buttons and app bars that are better highlighted.

Menu descriptions in the settings have also been restored.

For more information, read the original story in 9to5Google.


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