Right to Repair Legislation Introduced In The House

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Rep. Joe Morelle recently introduced the Fair Repair Act, which requires appliance manufacturers to provide diagnostic and repair information, parts and tools to third-party repair shops promptly and on fair and reasonable terms.

The aim is ultimately to enable small businesses and consumers to repair their own equipment independently without going to the official manufacturer or authorized repair channels.

The bill would allow the Federal Trade Commission and the state’s attorneys general to carry out enforcement by punishing violations.

Right to repair bills are currently being considered at the state level in nearly half of the U.S. states, with the New York Senate passing the Right to Repair Act by a 51-12 vote.

Apple has been aggressively fighting the right to repair laws in the U.S. for years, citing consumer and device safety concerns.

For example, a right to repair law in California was dropped after pressure from Apple and other major technology companies.

For more information, read the original story in Apple Insider.

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