IT Leaders Focusing On DEX Earn Double The Salary

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SaaS provider Nexthink conducted an independent survey called the Digital Employee Experience Career Capital Report 2021, which found that employees in DEX positions in the U.S., U.K., Germany and France earn an average of $116,501.

In the US, senior DEX positions earn almost 83% above the average IT salary, which is currently set at $148,045.

As work environments evolve, IT teams have had to adapt to make a remote, hybrid, and personal offices fairer, more reliable, and more flexible for workers.

The study found that one in five IT professionals now spends more than 70% of their week on DEX-related activities, with 96% of respondents saying their top management is supportive of DEX-related IT work.

Respondents reported that DEX-related tasks occupy a significant part of the working week. On average, 44% reported spending nearly half of their week on DEX-related areas, and 16% of respondents spend more than 70% of their week exclusively on employee experience projects.

The report also showed that DEX employees set their goals for top IT roles: 70% of respondents see themselves promoted to a director, C-suite or CEO position within the next five years.

41% imagine their career progresses with an internal promotion based on merit, but DEX professionals are also ambitious as 25% will apply internally for higher positions.

To support companies in this transformation of the world of work, Nexthink is introducing the DEX Hub, a destination for IT professionals to exchange know-how, ideas and pain points and enable individuals to develop their careers and skills in DEX.

For more information, you may view the original story from TechRepublic.

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