Google Will Show Employees Salary Changes Based On Location

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On Tuesday, Google introduced a new tool called the “Work Location Tool,” which shows employees how their salaries could change depending on their location.

This means that in cases where Google employees request transfers to new markets, their compensation will be aligned with the tariffs of the local region.

As flexibility becomes a key issue when companies try to bring their employees back to the office, the new study highlights the various factors that companies must take into account when moving to hybrid work models.

According to a Google spokeswoman, the equity for the transfer of U.S. workers will not decrease and the company will pay employees at the top of the local market.

She said: “With our new hybrid workplace, more employees are considering where they live and how they work. To better equip people with the information they need to explore their options, we’ve built a tool that will allow all employees to request to move to a new location, or go remote.”

For more information, read the original story in CNET.


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